My First Ultimate Jersey

my-first-ultimate-jersey-programEveryone remembers their first Ultimate jersey. How it made them feel part of a team, a community, a family.

One of the core missions at BE Ultimate has been to make Ultimate jerseys more accessible to teams that play our sport. After years striving to develop the best products for Ultimate players and teams, we have decided to launch an initiative called “My First Ultimate Jersey”.

The goal is to get the best Ultimate jerseys onto the backs of teams that have never tried an Ultimate jersey before. In turn, hopefully we can create some lasting memories in some young atheletes!

To incentive this, teams that have never ordered Ultimate jerseys will be eligible for a 50% discount off our Top-End Sublimated apparel.

Now we understand that narrowing down what qualifies as an ultimate jersey can be difficult. So, here are a few ground rules:

Ultimate Jerseys include: Ultimate brands (Boon, VC, Zone, Disc Store, Patagonia etc.)

Ultimate Jerseys do not include: Screen printed reversible, screen printed tees, spray painted tees, sublimated jerseys from a non-ultimate brand.

To qualify for this special discounted price teams must be playing in High school or College. They will also have to send us an email at with this mandatory information in the body of the email as an application:

There will be only 5 teams selected!

Name of team

Type of team (High school, college club)


Role (Coach or captain)

How long your team has been around

Last jersey used for ultimate? If no team jerseys were ever purchased why not?

Write a small blurb about your team’s history—how it was started, what inspired you, and what drives you as a team.

Please also attach photos of your team and its current kit.

We are super excited to be able to provide ultimate jerseys to all the teams that are interested. And to get Ultimate jerseys onto the back of as many players as possible!

Best wishes from the BE Ultimate team!


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